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German Village Chiropractors for
Health and Wellness

Serving Downtown Columbus

Chiropractic is drug-free. Chiropractic is safe and natural. Chiropractic is backed by research. And chiropractors enjoy one of the highest levels of patient satisfaction in health care!

How do you choose a good chiropractor?

Look for a chiropractor in Columbus who volunteers information. Look for a chiropractor in downtown Columbus that is conveniently located. Look for a chiropractor that is certified by the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. And look for a chiropractor willing to field phone calls and answer questions.

“I found the office easy to find and it’s appearance very appealing and professional. I also thought the staff was very friendly and appreciated the Dr.’s experience and knowledge of the profession. I am looking forward to my next visit. I am also very excited about the nutritional aspect of the treatment plan.” – E.C.

Tour our site, read about the gentle, instrument adjusting we provide with the SIGMA Instrument, learn about nutrition and then call German Village Chiropractors. See why so many people in downtown Columbus already have!

Dr. Richard “Dick” Thompson | Columbus Chiropractor